My motto

When coaching entered my life, after 20 years of corporate experience in a multinational, I could not begin to imagine how exciting the journey I was embarking upon would be, or what it would be like when I reached my destination.

Now, with over 10 years of experience in life and executive coaching, as well as more than 500 hours in the mentoring and supervision of coaches, I appreciate more than ever the transformation potential of this discipline in support of the growth of human beings.

“Living and leading with purpose” is the motto that inspires the way I approach my coaching processes and training programmes.

It consists of supporting people who seek to move towards another horizon, who feel the need to have a real impact on the society in which we live, who want, in short, to contribute to create a better world.

I am a PCC (Professional Certified Coach, by the ICF) and CPCC (Certified Professional Co’Active Coach, by the CTI ), with rigorous training in the very best schools for individual coaching, team coaching and leadership. I also belong to the CTI faculty, a pioneering school within the world of coaching, and to THNK, The School for Creative Leadership based in Amsterdam.  This means that all my work meets the most demanding standards within the profession.

And beyond the acronyms, I am an optimistic person, enthusiastic, someone who enjoys life and loves closeness and intimacy with people, committed to the personal quest for sense.  I have a great ability to listen, which enables me to detect what it is that make you come alive, that which moves you and affects you emotionally, and also the special way in which your leadership manifests in the outside world.

We are all potential leaders, what is it that speaks to the leader in you?

My own commitment to a cause beyond my profession is called Moving your Soul, A different way to live with Alzheimer’s, a project that was born from the special connection I have with my mother, who suffers from this illness. One day it became clear to me that I could simply cease to see her disability as a loss, and see it instead as an opportunity to build a new relationship with her. Moving your Soul, A different way to live with Alzheimer’s, is a meeting place where people the world over have contributed their testimonials about how they have managed to connect with their affected family members, friends or patients.  Testimonials in which there is both sadness and pain, and also total acceptance and a true coming together with their loved one.

I urge you to embark upon the exciting adventure of commitment.  Allow your soul to guide your steps.  I can accompany you along the way and help you get there.