¨Leadership is the ability to connect authentically with the thoughts and feelings of others, in order to motivate and inspire them toward a desired outcom¨.

Halpern and Lubar, Leadership presence

The majority of managers try to adopt leadership styles copied from models they have seen in others or inspired by some fashionable theory.  Many of them find themselves confined by a series of deeply rooted beliefs within the corporate world, which forcefully determine the differences between what is and what isn’t a good leader, or the natural or learnt characteristics that all managers must have in order to become good leaders.

Such is the pressure to behave one way or another, and to achieve high scores in 360 leadership skill questionnaires, that many managers no longer know who they truly are.  A typical expression is “Ah, but in my private life I’m not like that!¨

What happens when we get to work?  What do we become? What disguise to we put on?

Moreover, what if the key to your success as a leader of people is to be found precisely in those facets of your personality that you have relegated to the background because you consider them to be unsuited to a business environment?

My approach to coaching executives is based on the belief that the effectiveness of a leader is intimately linked to his or her ability to relate to him or herself and to others with authenticity. If the manager can answer the question “who am I?” and “what moves me in my life?”, and also has that same curiosity towards his or her collaborators, then exerting an influence to move their team in a certain direction will be something genuine and natural.

As a coach to executives and managers, I always look at the opportunities for growth that arise from the alignment of people with their sense of self and their individual values.

As well as executive coaching, I provide experiential training in basic coaching skills and contexts, aimed at expanding the leadership style of participants towards the creation of a climate of development and the assumption of personal responsibility.

As a trainer, I try to stimulate team managers to widen their leadership style and focus on the development of their collaborators. First, by showing them how to understand the values and motivations of the people in their charge, for the purposes of boosting their strengths to the utmost degree. Then, by driving the creation of closer relationships, based on communication and collaboration, which will in turn motivate growth, an improvement in personal effectiveness and excellence in their endeavours.

  • As a trainer, Olga bases her professionalism on the combination of two very important aspects: the detailed and rigorous preparation of an agenda that adapts to the needs of her client, and the passion and enthusiasm that she brings to the classroom.

    Her training sessions are fantastic, because they generate transformation in a light-hearted and entertaining environment.

    Jacek Skrzypczyński, Owner of Adventure for Thought

  • I embarked upon a coaching process with Olga as part of a leadership training programme organised by my company. What seemed like just another course became, thanks to the coaching, a fascinating journey of internal exploration and discovery that enabled me to expand my ability to influence, making me much more aware of my talents and the limitations I had placed upon myself. Amongst other facets of my leadership, I have made significant progress in conflict resolution and negotiation skills.

    Olga has a special ability to create an environment of intellectual curiosity and respect, but what most surprised me was the intuition that her lengthy experience has given her and which allowed me to visit and enjoy unexplored areas of my personality. Raúl Martinez, Head of Quality, Multinational Automotive Company