¨Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but when you touch a human soul simply be a fellow human soul¨ Carl G.Jung.

As coaches, we are always seeking to create awareness in our clients, to bring light to the shadows in which the source of our most automatic and limiting habits can be found, together with the seed of talents as yet unfulfilled.

And, what about us? Who helps us to explore our own shadows?  What subconscious habits or attitudes are limiting our effectiveness as coaches? What hidden talent could take your coaching to the next level?

Every coach needs another coach to help illuminate their darkness and thereby achieve better results in their professional activity.

For the last four years I have been a trainer, supervisor and examiner at The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), one of the most prestigious coaching schools in the world.

This activity, and my work mentoring coaches, has enabled me to work with over one hundred coaches, in more than 400 supervision and mentoring sessions over recent years.

Amongst my services is the provision of support for coaches in order to help them grow as professionals and improve their skills, expand their range and, in short, unlock their potential impact and their ability to generate transformation in their clients.

During mentoring sessions with me, you will have the opportunity to review your own coaching style and take an in-depth look at the competence and skills that need your attention.

My feedback is based on the framework established by the ICF (International Coach Federation) but also feeds on the different coaching models in which I have trained and have been practising throughout my career.

I also organise group supervision sessions, in which participants both give and receive coaching.  This dynamic creates very interesting learning opportunities, in an environment of total openness and experimentation.

As a professional PCC accredited by the ICF , I also support coaches who want to achieve ACC or PCC accreditation via portfolio.

  • Throughout the process of obtaining PCC certification with the ICF, Olga accompanied me as a mentoring coach.  Olga has in-depth expertise in coaching skills, and she conveys this expertise in a challenging environment of intellectual curiosity and intuition.  She is a great teacher!

    Thanks to this process I have become more aware of who I am as a person and as a coach, and what impact I have on my clients.  What’s more, I have explored new areas that have increased that impact and reconnected with the motivation that leads me to seek excellence in my profession.Charo Herrán, PCC, Executive Coach and Trainer

  • Together with another coach I have experienced 10 hours of coaching mentoring with Olga. This was an invaluable experience for me: refreshing the coactive skills, re-discovering many of them after 5 years since my core curriculum training. Olga has the incredible set of skills being very precise and concentrated on what we do as coaches and, at the same time, having great capacity for embracing what (who) we are as coaches. To me it meant a lot, not only to refine my skills and being able to better and more consciously use it, but also to remain to myself the “state of being” in  coaching, the attitude to my client during coaching, and how much it means for the results of coaching transformation. Olga is a great mentor not only at precisely refining the CTI skills but – most of all – for her heart-centered approach both to clients and us coaches. Our journey together was a very valuable experience for me as a coach, as well as a person.Grażyna Nasiadko-Galant, Executive Coach